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Stanick has already done a great career with the juniors team. He won the French Championship and has been selected several times for the World Championship. His progress has been stopped by wounds. The most severe drove him to be operated from the ankle because of a tendontear. One year later, he went very well back to competition and won the Saint-Gervais Trophy in 1996.

In december 1999, he became French Elite Champion and declared: "I have been waiting such a long time for this, it just gives me wings". So, in february 2000 he did a very good European Championship in Vienne (Austria) and for his first participation he finished at the 9th place. He took the lessons of his mistakes and ended the World Championship in Nice at the 7th rank. Annick Gailhaguet declared about him: "He attracted attention with his style and his sliding qualities". He made impression on every member of the figureskating world with two wonderful exhibitions: the short one based on the music "Art of Noise" and the free one with a marvelous music of Henri Torgue and Serge Houpin. The key of his sucess is without any doubt the frame he had beginning this championship. He didn't determine the place he would reach but, first of all, he just wanted to give the best of himself to win the onlookers and the bench and to learn the job of great champion. WELL DONE STANICK AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THOSE GREAT MOMENTS!

The 2001 skateseason has left its mark : a step on the Lalique's podium, the reconquest of the french champion title and over all a wonderfull bronze medall at the European championship in Bratislava. This success are due to two innovative programs "the bells" from Maxime Rodriguez and the modern arrangement of Rondo Capricioso from Camille Saint-Saens.
A great season…

Wounds, skates problems and all sorts of wich explain the 2002 "no season". His dream to complete the Olympic games was broken. Sickened because his exclusion of the world championship, Stanick has been living very hard time then he wants to start again from point zero. Stanick has been elected to the federal council: he represents the high level skaters. He also decides to leave Annick Gailhaguet in may 2002 and chooses Philippe Pelissier for trainer. He also changes his choreographer and works now with Gwendal Peizerat and Pascual Camerlengo. The music of the short program is the same as the last year: a jazz passage which did a great feeling during the Skate Canada. The free program music has been specially written by Maxime Rodriguez from the "Petit Prince" theme.
Let's wish stanick is going to become the skate little prince…!



European championships - 3rd
French Championship - 2th
Lalique Trophy - 4th
Skate Canada - 4th
French Masters - 1st


Skate Canada - 11th
Trophée Lalique - Withdraw
French Championship - 5th


European championships - 3rd
French National championships - 1st
Lalique Trophy -2nd


World championships - 7th
European championships - 9th
French National championships - 1st
Nebelhorn trophy, Obersdorf - 7th
Ondrej Nepela Memorial, Bratislava - 2nd
Sparkassen Cup on Ice, Gelsenkirchen - 10th
Skate America, Colorado Springs - 8th
Tallin Cup - 3rd


French National championships - 5th
DSU Cup, Fredrikshavn - 4th
NHK Trophy, Sapporo - 7th




French National championships - 4th
Skate America, Detroit - 12th